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Operation Breathe Hope


One Hope is excited about the launch of, “Breathe” Stageplay. It’s a compelling story about life after being in abusive relationships. To empower abused victims all over the United States we’ve launched, “Operation Breathe Hope” an initiative to donate 1000+ “Breathe” DVD’S to shelters and organizations that provide assistance to abused women and children. We’re hoping you will help with a purchase today! The process is simple, once you purchase the DVDS we will in turn distribute them to the various organizations.  “Breathe” inspirational stage play conveys the compelling message, there’s a fulfilling life after abuse worth fighting for. 

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Giving Back!

In partnership with One Hope Enterprise part of the proceeds from this life impacting production will be donated to SC Rape Crisis and Abuse Center. It is our goal to be part of the solution.   

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